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Available Tunes

The custom tunes we offer are developed by YotaWerx Tuning LLC to deliver usable power and predictable, efficient shifting by safely remapping the engine and transmission operating parameters. These modifications are meant to get more out of your vehicle by providing a strong, smooth driving experience without compromising superior drivability or reliability.

Supported Vehicles

3rd Generation Tacoma

Turbo (In Development)

4th Generation 4Runner

4.7L V8 (2003-2004) Pending

2nd Generation Tacoma

Supercharged (In Development)

2nd Generation Tundra

*Includes Flex Fuel Vehicles
*Includes Flex Fuel Vehicles

Tune Variations

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​The 3rd Gen. Tacoma “Blackhawk” tune establishes itself on the market by providing a dyno proven +20 horsepower and +13 pound-feet of USABLE power with gains starting down low and holding throughout the entire power band. The secret to making more than a good tune, but a great tune is to not just simply add more power. You have to combine that power with an improved throttle response, and a highly refined shift logic so the truck knows what gear it should be in at all times and take full advantage of all those added benefits. This tune has been developed through years of testing to create the drivability you expected from the factory. The end result is you get a vehicle that performs excellent when used for driving around town or out on the trail.

Blackhawk Tune Dyno
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Generally considered a more conservative tune variation it is perfect for every day, and every trip. It offers a bit easier throttle control, which could be useful in technical offroad scenarios and fully stock vehicles may see benefits throughout various terrains. A more responsive kickdown or downshift helps keep the vehicle in the appropriate powerband when you want the acceleration, and shorter shifting may provide increased fuel economy depending on the driver. Overall, “Weekend Warrior '' is suitable for a more casual and relaxed driving style or for a vehicle that is stock or mildly modified with low weight additions.

Stock vs WW 7.0 Dyno.jpg
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The “Stryker” tune combines everything known about how to make a phenomenal tune for the naturally aspirated 3.5L 3rd Gen. Tacoma and applies it to the Magnuson Supercharger equipped truck. By safely upping the power and smoothing out the delivery, drivers will get more torque down low, with more horsepower up high to pull smoothly all the way to redline. Combined with a quick throttle response, and a completely remapped shift algorithm to optimize the increased power and torque makes for even more tire ripping fun. Moreover, this tune takes into account the supercharger’s pulley size with custom files designed for either the 90 mm or 87 mm pulley. There are also two variations available which follow the general themes described below.

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A more robust tune variation, often preferred by the more “vigorous” driver. Enhanced throttle response settings and differences incorporated into the shift logic (depending on the vehicle) create a driving experience that is “spirited” to say the least. A more responsive kickdown or downshift helps keep your vehicle in the appropriate powerband when you want the acceleration, and holds gears longer between upshifts which may be favorable for mountainous or hilly terrain. “Active Duty” is ideal for those with a more dynamic driving style or a vehicle that is heavily modified or encumbered by a significant amount of added weight.

Stoc vs ADv 7.1 Dyno.jpg

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