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Hey There

Thanks for visiting Nobody’s Tuning! We are an authorized VF Pro Tuner offering custom Toyota and Lexus engine and transmission tuning services in the Southern California area for various naturally aspirated and supercharged Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, and GX with more models in development. We take pride in exceptional customer service focused on getting you the perfect tune for your needs through open communication and thorough product knowledge.

How We Started

Nobody’s Tuning developed out of my own desire to improve the horrible factory shifting on my personal 2017 Toyota Tacoma. When we first bought the truck you could feel the strange shifting, but when we started adding weight from all the modifications in building the truck into an overland travel weapon the shifting got worse and worse. Searching for a solution I deep dived into the research (like every modification I do) of how engine and transmission tuning worked and how it could benefit my vehicle.  What I found was that not only did I have issues with the factory software, but so did a lot of people. 


After years of following along in development, many of us had cultivated our own extensive understanding of the Toyota Engine and Transmission (ECM/TCM) design architecture and were allowed to begin offering tuning for others in the community. The reality is there are many out there who want the benefits of tuning for their truck but do not care to deep dive into the nitty gritty of tuning themselves, and that is okay. Out of this desire by others for tuning arose Nobody’s Tuning! A full-fledged tuning service offering the best in customized tune packages that I can find and installed directly onto your vehicle. My services are backed by hundreds of satisfied customers, and I look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your build needs.



Andy / Mr. Nobody

Nobody's Tuning Owner and 3rd Gen Tacoma
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